Join The Freedom Movement Today

If you have One Day…..take action:


* Start the conversation with your friends. Because human trafficking is a hidden problem, it’s often not a personal priority. Check out these tips on how to talk to your friends about buying sex, respecting women, and the truth about pimping.

* Host an awareness event: serve “Freedom Wine” from Sozo Friends to support human trafficking organizations.

* End demand in your community. Use the tools at CAASE’s website.

* Watch videos featuring the poetry of survivors of commercial sex exploitation.

* Get inspired. Watch Ending Slavery in our time.

* Sign up for Polaris Project’s Grassroots Network.

* Join the GEMS Council of Daughters.

* Mentor at-risk children. Some places to get started are your local Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers Big Sisters.

* Create a Task Force with your community and take action with Love146.

* Start a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page on Polaris Project’s website.

* Purchase survivor-made products sold by Made By Survivors.

* Donate money to the organization of your choice under Organizations.


Want more Ideas? Check out over 100 things you can do today!