For many of us the problem of Human Trafficking is far away …

it’s closer than you may think.


Human Trafficking is a $32B global business, driven by profit. It’s the fastest growing criminal activity in the world.

It is the “force, fraud and coercion of humans for sexual and labor exploitation.” Many of these young girls are brought in at the age of 13, and it’s not their choice.

Often veiled from the public, it robs the individual of their freedom, their rights and their human dignity.


Here in the Puget Sound, it’s estimated that 300-500 girls are exploited every night … against their will.

Washington State has been a national leader in the efforts to define, identify and prosecute those who profit from this modern-day slavery.

We need you to join leaders in our cities to help eradicate Human Trafficking in our neighborhoods.


Every cultural movement begins with a conversation…

around a story, an image, a light, a number, an outcry that urges the heart to do something, anything, everything.

It takes everyone to take action – elected officials, government agencies, law enforcement, non-profits, businesses, schools, churches, families, and concerned citizens.


One by one we are all part of the movement of RESTORING LIVES.

Ignite the conversation here and now. . .share your voice, take action, connect with leaders, and join  a collective shout.